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On the table "Start" championship of the world, Europe and Russia.

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Fabrika "Start" - the largest Russian manufacturer of billiard tables and accessories.

The main office and manufacturing facility are located in Novosibirsk. The dealer network covers the whole of Russia and neighboring countries.

Production of Factory has long deserved recognition as professionals and fans of billiards. As experts for approbation tables involved leading athletes billiard, European and world champions. Largely thanks to the close cooperation with international manufacturers and renowned athletes, designers of the Fabrika "Start" managed to develop a unique production technology of billiard tables, accessories and components, which have no analogues in any of the billiard production.


The quality of the "Start"

The high quality of the products indicate certificates of the International Committee of the pyramid (ICP) and the Federation of billiard sports of Russia (FBSR)as well as numerous degrees from prestigious international exhibitions.

"Start" support Russian athletes and acts as a technical partner of FBSR, the ICP and the European Committee on "Pyramid" (ECP), providing pool tables for tournaments at various levels.

Namely on the table of Fabrika "Start" regularly hosts major tournaments and championships on Russian billiards. Among them are Russian championships 2008-2012., World Championships 2009,2012,2013, 2014 and 2015., European Cup - 2010 European Championships - 2012, "The Magnificent Eight" - 2010-2012. "Stars billiards" - 2010.  

Our production

The range of products Fabrika "Start" covers all known areas of billiards. Factory has developed more than two hundred models of tables, cues produces its own brand «Dinamika Billiards». All this was made possible thanks to a modern, high-tech equipment and the latest technology, woodworking and metalworking, which uses a factory in the production of their products. The entire production process is concentrated in one enterprise, with a hard quality control of each element of the product. Own production facilities of Fabrika "Start" exceed 15,000 sq.m.

Our advantages

Design department of the Fabrika "Start" working to improve the play quality of billiard tables, contributing to their development of all the innovations of the world billiard industry.
One of the most famous designs - a billiard tables based on the metal frame, which has unmatched stability and durability. The metal frame is integrated into the wood and enhances not only the carriage, but also penetrating foot of the table gives the finished product a maximum static. Also, the design of the metal frame of the table does not allow the wood to deform under the influence of variations in humidity and temperature and does not require constant monitoring of bolted joints.



The success of this development is evidenced by the fact that the pool tables, based on multiple metal frame becomes the official tables of such prestigious competitions as the European and World Championships, World Cup and the Russian Championship.

Fabrika "Start"  the first company in Russia which implemented a unique technology of floating nuts in the manufacture of billiard tables, it will increased the number of attachment points to the board, thereby increasing the rigidity of the structure. A floating nut attachment point allows you to bring the board to the point of impact. Due to this strike becomes quiet, with proper and accurate ball rebound from the side. With increasing mastery of the game, or depending on the place of operation table (billiard club or private billiard room) you can set the desired width of the alignment pockets (decrease or increase). This is a unique advantage, which has no analogues at one manufacturer of billiard tables.


Tables "Start" completing known, often exclusive materials from leading manufacturers: Orero slates and Ardesit-lux, Iwan Simonis and Manchester cloth, rubber shock absorbers START Super Pro and START Brilliant. All products are made of the best types of wood: oak, ash, mahogany, maple, birch. "Start" uses a unique technology of vacuum press and vacuum drying of wood on the modern Italian equipment. 

With this treatment the wood dries evenly and the use of the press during the drying process does not allow the wood to bend and even removes existing strain. As a result, the wood is not only stabilized, but also retains its natural color, getting the best quality characteristics. Fabrika "Start" - Russia's only manufacturer using this technology of drying wood in the manufacture of billiard tables.

Billiard Table "Start" have a rich unique finish, this wood carving and embossing on the skin. Billiard design collections and new products is carried out by the author's sketches, which are produced in the experimental shop in a creative environment. The design of future best  masterpieces are working our best designers of Fabrika "Start". 

All of these terms and provide the highest quality billiard tables and accessories, and direct deliveries of components make it possible to save on all products very reasonable prices. To date, the number of models of tables designed Factory "Start", covers all areas of the world famous billiards and has over two hundred models.

Supporting Sports

Support and development of the Russian billiard sport - one of the priorities of the Fabrika "Start". "Start" has been actively involved in organizing and conducting major championships on billiards in our country and abroad, for several years, sponsoring international and regional tournaments "Russian pyramid" and the pool, providing significant support to the Russian athletes. Speaking with gold stripes "Start" command of Fabrika "Start" won not one brilliant victory at the European and World Championships.
In addition, the factory is involved in the training of young athletes to participate in regional and Russian competitions.

Ofitsialny magazine website www.billiardworld.ru presents readers with the most current news billiards.

Devotional attitude to their work and professionalism allow Fabrika "Start" have an impeccable reputation in the market, to produce reliable high quality products, while maintaining reasonable prices for everyone who is not indifferent to the billiard!

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